Ominous motorcycle independently drove onmotorways

�”Ghost Rider” captured on video in Malaysia. It is
about a sinister motorcycle that was moving independently but nocturnal
motorways, словно за его рулем сидел некто невидимый.

By turning on the entry below, you can see how
mysterious bike rides in the background on the road. Movie quickly found
popularity on the world wide web, riveting attention as simple
commoners and researchers of supernatural phenomena.

Experts in the paranormal region are in no hurry to do
any conclusions, however, believe that it is quite possible
mysticism. Stories there are many cases when evil spirited
vehicles ranging from horse-drawn carts and ending
by airplanes. However, it is possible that the motorcycle was moving by inertia,
either his driver hung from the opposite side of the bike to
do not get into the frame, especially since the motorcyclist is in the foreground,
apparently, filmed in the open and it could be noticed
from afar. Notice and – like this joke. Here’s how to comment on this.
Internet users:

An eerie sight, just goose bumps ran, I would
immediately left this damned place. The man must have died
let’s say a sudden heart stopped and his physical body
fell to the ground, while the dead himself did not even notice it and
continues on the road. The biker just ducked or did it.
fell because if you look closely, the motorcycle gradually loses

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