Ominous stranger captured the camera in the houseAmerican

A resident of the American city of Council Bluffs (Iowa)
shared amazing story with users of the World Wide Web
and no less amazing picture confirming it.

Chris Maverick, 34, says he has recently acquired a new one
camera. A few nights ago, a man left him charging
on a table in his bedroom and went to a bar with friends. After a couple
days, our hero looked at the pictures on camera and turned out to be serious
scared to make an unexpected, incredible discovery.

In the device’s memory there appeared a mysterious image obtained
that very night when the landlord went with his friends to
drinking establishment. But this is not the worst. Sinister frame
shows a blurry human figure standing in the middle
rooms! Of course, Chris immediately appeared somewhat quite
legitimate questions.

Who was that? Many of us will most likely assume that speech
is about a burglar or homeless, however, according to Maverick, this
excluded. Nothing was missing from the house, and any signs of hacking
the American did not find his home. How did this man then hit
here? And was it a living person? Many web regulars
believe that the real ghost materialized in the house, and
Chris also thinks so.

Maverick asks another important question that is just
impossible to ignore. Who photographed the stranger to the bedroom? Judging
from the angle from which the ghost was taken, the camera at that moment
continued to lie exactly in the place where the owner left her.
It turns out that the device independently recorded “uninvited
guest. But how is this possible? ..

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