On a frightening photo: “the ghost of a woman” plays withas a boy

English researchers of supernatural phenomena from
“GPSGhostfinder” communities (pictured above) shared with their
subscribers scary story and no less frightening photos.

According to ghostbusters, recently to them
turned family whose little son probably fell under the influence
devilish The boy started talking to himself and argued
that in the house an unknown woman appears from time to time
Pauline, who loves to play with him.

Parents did not pay much attention to the words of their offspring,
believing that a child has just a good imagination. However,
a couple of days ago the mother decided to take a picture of a playing son and
unexpectedly got the picture below.

On the frame, a certain woman who is sitting
on the floor with a preschooler! The face of the mysterious lady, they say, has
deadly look and inspire real horror. Scared family immediately
appealed to the above specialists. Representative
�”GPSGhostfinder” Barry Guy carefully studied the ominous shot and
concluded that it really comes from the subtle world,
and, most likely, tuned in relation to the baby is very

It is not yet known how ghost hunters are going to help.
compatriots. A family whose child is most likely in
danger, already planning to move to another house. However,
experts suggest that it may not give any
positive results.

If a ghostly woman is strongly attached to a boy,
she, they say, can follow him to a new place of residence. By
According to researchers paranormalschiny, perhaps, she even intends
to take possession of the body of the child, since some “dark” spirits,
penetrating the world of the living, but not having their own physical
shell, seeking to take it away from children who are naturally more
vulnerable (open) to evil spirits.

Skeptics on the World Wide Web are, of course, in no hurry to believe in
what the British really photographed the ghost. They
believe that someone involved in this story is clearly engaged
a hoax and gives out a phantom to an ordinary woman, indistinctly
captured on the camera (or all done with the program
Photoshop). No one argues that this is possible in principle, however
Barry Guy, who “leads this business” in the GPSGhostfinder community,
assures that the snapshot is authentic, but the couple Misty
Albion, who turned to them for help, is far from such
youthful pranks, like Internet fake spreading on the Internet.

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