On a mysterious video ghost strokescat

User of the popular entertainment portal “Reddit” under
alias PHATstuFF21 published in the section of the site dedicated to
paranormal, very mysterious movie. Publisher
says he played video games recently, and next to him
was his home cat. Suddenly something amazing happened
with the participation of our hero’s pet, and the owner of the animal even succeeded
capture it on video. By including the following entry, you
you can see with your own eyes the supposed supernatural
a phenomenon that happened in a man’s apartment.

According to PHATstuFF21, he tried to take a joystick from his
the game console, however, the pet interfered with it, caressing and
purring All of a sudden the animal turned aside and became
rub your head against the air, as if there was someone invisible,
решивший погладить cat. But this is not the strangest thing. In that
moment over the animal flew an incomprehensible light object, similar to
a bunch of energy. Our hero is convinced that in his home
a poltergeist materialized or some other paranormal
A guest who wished to pet the mustache to the rogue.

You obviously got a ghost that loves animals.
I hope when I die and become a ghost, I will also stroke others
cats, specially for this purpose appearing from the next world, – writes
one of the commentators.

I think you need to urgently move out of there, recommends

Well, play with your cat, dude! Why does it do instead
are you poltergeist? – asks the third.

By the way, some skeptical users are still
felt that no anomaly got into the camera lens, but
a lit cat flash. However, why did the cat go around
to the air, materialists explain not condition. The argument “this is not
maybe “in our world is becoming less secure
the general public “currency”: it can now be used
only among orthodox scholars, and even then nothing more than in the form of anything
no meaningful American greeting – “how are your”.

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