On aerial photographs of Antarctica, found two aircrafthaunting ufo

Specialists leading popular ufological and
conspiratorial YouTube channel “UFOmania”, made another
amazing discovery with the help of the Google map service
Maps. Experts looked at aerial photographs of Antarctica and unexpectedly
saw near the Italian research station
�”Zucchelli” near the bay of Terra-Nova, two aircraft, flying for some
UFO. The coordinates of the mysterious find: 74 ° 41’28.0 “S
164 ° 08’22.0 “E

Unidentified object is relatively small and
disc shape. Like the airplanes chasing her, “flying
the dish casts a shadow beneath it. Thus, emphasize
ufologists, we can not talk about any lump on the ice.
The mysterious disk actually flew through the air. And you can only
guess for what purpose they were pursuing aircraft. Not out
that the Italians noticed a UFO from their station and decided to approach the
to the object.

UFO and extraterrestrial civilization researchers have long said that
military aircraft constantly chasing aircraft on Earth
�”Green men”. Even the opinion is expressed that at any moment
somewhere on our planet planes and helicopters are chasing
unidentified alien flying objects. This supposedly happens in
Russia, and in America, and in China, and in many other parts of the world.
Thus, it is possible that before us is quite prosaic

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