On Google maps found floating under wateraircraft

55-year-old Briton Robert Morton viewed on Google maps
aerial photographs of edinburgh and unexpectedly noticed off the coast of the scottish
столицы силуэт пассажирского aircraftа.

The surprised man brought the anomaly closer and realized that the airliner
as if he was at the time of shooting under the water at its very surface.
Maybe Google satellites took a picture of the aircraft right after
how it fell into the ocean?

The author of the find turned to news portals, but did not find
any mention of such a tragedy. Excited by her
the find, the man wrote to the police, and law enforcement officers promised
to deal with its discovery. Details of their investigation (if any
it was generally begun) remain a mystery.

However, many web users felt that nothing
frightening did not happen. Say, Google map service
constantly overlaps each other with satellite images of the same
terrain, and in the final image often appear
all sorts of artifacts.

In this case, two frames were probably applied:
одном из них aircraft летел над океаном, а на другом авиалайнера не
It was. When the photos were combined, the effect appeared
�”Phantom” airplane, as if immersed in water.

Ну, а если это не так, то загадочный aircraft под водой мог быть
anything and anybody caught in the lens of a video camera
map service. And the truth in this case, no one ever
find out …

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