On Google maps, they have covered Antarctica in order tohide the mysterious pyramid

More recently, Google maps allowed to see Antarctica
almost as detailed as the streets of various megalopolises. it
gave many conspiracy therapists and other enthusiasts – virtual
archaeologists the opportunity to study the surface of the south polar continent,
looking for various artifacts on it. But now everything has changed.
From now on, instead of the ice continent, you can see on satellite
Google shots only a giant white circle, as shown in
screenshot below.

Noticing this, proponents of conspiracy theories immediately declared that
Americans are trying to hide from the eyes of the world community something
important, hidden in the ice of Antarctica. Conspiracy therapists even
guess what exactly. Not long ago, virtual archaeologists with
surprised to find on the sixth continent perfectly flat
quadrangular pyramid, which became a small sensation. Obviously
that nature could not create such a geometrically correct object
from ordinary rocks.

The researchers even planned to equip an expedition there, however
now they are afraid to take that step. If the powers that be were willing
hide the mysterious structure of the Internet users, then they order
no longer allow anyone to examine the pyramid live.
One can only guess what kind of object it is and who brought it to
Antarctica. Internet users are talking about German Nazis,
aliens, representatives of ancient civilization, etc.

By the way, on Google maps in Antarctica, besides a few pyramids,
It was possible to consider many other mysterious objects, about which we
wrote earlier, for example, an ancient road with a bridge, a huge staircase,
the entrance to some kind of bunker or alien base that was half blown away
�”Flying plate” and so on. It must be assumed that intense
the melting of the ice is increasingly exposing the surface of the most unexplored
the mainland of our planet, thus demonstrating the artifacts that
does not fit into his supposedly “multi-million period
lifelessness “, as the official science has always confirmed to us –
hence the fear of the powerful world, hence their rather ridiculous attempts
hide the truth from the public …

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