On Mars found a levitating lump

A strange dark lump with a bluish glow found on
one of the Martian images taken by the famous rover

The most amazing thing is that this stone is 25-30 centimeters long,
it seems to float above the surface of the Red Planet,
casting a shadow! Ufologist scott waring is convinced that before
we are not an ordinary piece of rock, but a grain of fantastic
alien technology.

They say it may be a fragment of the ship of representatives
extraterrestrial civilization continuing to levitate on the spot later
many decades, centuries or even millennia after
the aircraft of the “green men” left the Red
the planet.

According to Waring, NASA, Roscosmos and European
space agency required to combine their efforts and equip
an expedition to mars to pick up this artifact from there and explore
him on earth. It is possible that such acquisition will give
humankind unprecedented knowledge and significantly advance our
civilization on the path to space exploration.

True, this opinion is only a ufologist, albeit famous on the web
the Internet, but without any authority in scientific circles and
especially among the government elites. This is why most
World Wide Web users were treated to a loud statement
Waring cool. Someone even recalled that they found on Mars and
earlier levitating items, such as hovering spoon, let alone
already about more amazing artifacts. And what from this?..

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