On Mars, found the head of the statue

Ufologist and virtual archaeologist Joe White specializing in
studying images of the Red Planet, claims to have discovered
one of them traces of intelligent civilization.

According to the expert, the photo taken by the rover
�”Curiosity” in the Martian shock crater Gale, demonstrates
something suspiciously resembling the profile of a human face.
The researcher believes that we are talking about the head of the destroyed ancient

Estimated fragment of the sculpture is very similar to the head
The Great Sphinx in Egypt. White is absolutely sure that this is a stone, and
not any petrified humanoid, however the bizarre form of this
a stone, they say, cannot be a simple paradolic illusion. On
the frame obtained by the rover is clearly visible forehead, eyes, nose, mouth,
ear, chin of the statue, and also a headdress similar to nemes.
Such shawls were once the pharaohs.

Immediately I recall the famous theory that Ancient Egypt
It was visited by aliens, who created there a very advanced
those times civilization. Many conspiracy therapists are convinced that
architectural masterpieces of the ancient Egyptians were built exactly
representatives of the alien race, it is possible that these
the aliens were Martians. Or else aliens from some other
distant star system was visited in those times not only the Earth, but
and the Red Planet …

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