On Mars, it turns out, you can even find a skullthe giant

This fantastic skull found known on the Internet
ufologist journalist Joe White, who is reviewing photos,
sent by the Curiosity, suddenly noticed on an alien planet
such a miracle.

Here is what the researcher himself writes about this on the Express portal:

I do not know exactly what I found in the photo, but it looks like
like a skull: notice it has a jaw, eye sockets,
teeth look, it seems, seven pieces. Since, by my count,
head size is approximately 60 centimeters, then
the humanoid (Martian or anyone else) should be about 4.5
meter – a real giant!

White’s supporters were delighted with his discovery. Some
suggested that this is really the remains of the Martian, which means
among them were such giants, as, indeed, among the ancient
inhabitants of the earth. So nothing, they say, this is not surprising
It is possible that the earthly giants are just the colonialists from the Red
the planets.

Other netizens thought it might not be a skull,
and the head of the statue, which still shows how big
there were inhabitants of mars in fact.

Martian illusion can be not only paradolic

However, there were skeptics who found the famous ufologist
not finding anything interesting – just a stone, and everything else –
just a pareidolic illusion, a game of shadows and light, like
it is said.

Note that 45-year-old Joe White has his own video channel ArtAlienTV
on YouTube and reputedly among ufologists as serious and very
Erudite research journalist. Therefore, laying out on
a review of web users such finds, this person
is responsible for a certain reliability of information, and since
In this case, all this still remains at the level of assumptions and
conjecture, ufologist, as a rule, reinforces the artifacts found
reasoned explanations. In this case, he convinces people in
that they often do not see the obvious, because they are hypnotized
�By the “scientific” arguments of, say, the same NASA specialists that
Mars is a dead planet.

Open wider your eyes, says White, ignoring official dogma,
throw off the veil of prejudice and false beliefs. More than once
I find something similar on Mars that convinces me in One: us about
The red planet is constantly lying, although in fact there existed
developed civilization. Perhaps it still exists …

What we should build a Martian house

By the way, such Martian artifacts in the photographs sent
rover Curiosity, virtual archaeologists find, as they say,
in bundles. In the English-speaking segment of the Internet there are quite a few sites that
literally specialize in such research and popularization
such information about Mars. The most interesting ones like today’s
information that quickly spreads across the world wide web; others so and
remain in a narrow circle of interests of a particular resource.

Someone believes all this, some do not. Among the latter, not even
all inveterate skeptics. Tell me how to be one who thinks
that the Americans in all their space missions (whether moon,
Does the Martian do a hoax? So because the rover Curiosity
he does not “run” on any Red planet, he drives (surprisingly,
long because on earth it can always be repaired and
recharge, change the battery, finally) for some “Martian
desert “of earthly origin, say, Mojave, why it is often
learn in Martian snapshots residents of Utah, California and
Nevada. Even the sand “Martian storms” are exactly the same as on their
homeland, these Americans claim.

And they noticed it immediately, as soon as Curiosity became
transmit the first images to Earth (see video). Apparently
NASA staff at first reacted to this mystification too
carelessly. In the future, they, of course, tried to correct,
throwing ufologists and virtual archaeologists quite weighty
�”Evidence” that the rover is still on the Red
the planet (remember, at first they even discussed with ufologists about
occasional discoveries), and not in the desert with a Martian landscape
(the way we imagine it for fantastic films).
Americans have Americans, as they say, we are worth – home
to build, draw – we will live …

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