On Mars, they noticed suspicious rectangularstructures

One of the regulars of the popular social network “Reddit” made
amazing discovery. According to the user, he viewed on
days shots of the surface of the red planet, made unmanned
NASA Mars Global Surveyor Research Station, and
unexpectedly discovered on one of the photos something quite
suspicious. A man noticed two in black and white
strange rectangular object resembling the ruins of some
square structures.

Obviously, a virtual archaeologist writes that Martian nature is not
could create such a flat rectangular formation. Especially,
that on the Red Planet they constantly find something like that
allows you to make certain conclusions.

The enthusiast’s find has become incredibly popular in the section of the site,
dedicated to extraterrestrial civilizations. Many commentators are reasonable
considered that before us the ruins of the ancient buildings of the Martians. Length
one side of each square, estimated by the curious,
must be at least two kilometers. Users are waiting for
NASA experts will comment on these anomalies. True, hopes for
this is very little: NASA has long taken the position of soaking,
since to explain such fantastic discoveries
paradolic illusion, really, somehow uncomfortable and even already
funny …

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