On Martian images foundhumanoids?

Famous ufologist George Graham, hosted on YouTube hosting
Streetcap1 channel, in panoramic photos of the Martian landscape
discovered humanoid figures (see video).

First, the researcher studied the pictures taken on the slopes
Gale’s crater, and suddenly I saw on one of them a clearly female figure,
since she was with long hair and in “” “bright clothes”
(multi-colored stripes). True, Internet users saw
in this figure something else (obviously, each his own), for example,
pointed lizard head (huge lizard).

The next humanoid, George Graham found on photomosaic,
made against a blue (note that on Mars the sky
Far from the yellow-brown) Martian sky with Mount Sharp. Here
between the two stones literally lurked “Martian”, sitting to
camcorder backs. The photo looks good, says George,
head and his massive weeping, torso, beautifully illuminated
the sun

Unfortunately, the ufologist complains, the pictures that NASA puts in
The network is not distinguished by high resolution and quality, and therefore
It is very difficult to consider the details. If employees are American
space agencies are so sure that everything we find is just
the play of light and shadow, why not put on your resource
good quality photos?

It seems that NASA is very happy with the fact that
ufologists find on Martian images, and the fact that due to low
photo quality can not prove anything. Just some kind of game in
giveaway …

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