On one of the beaches of Albion oceanthrew the mysterious creature

Imagine that you come to the beach in the morning and find
there … a monster. That’s the way (with such horror), many British
perceive the story of a mysterious creature (or rather, its
machines), which the ocean threw on the shore of the Gower Peninsula, that
is located in county glamorgan part of wales uk.

The sea animal, however small, is not for you any
prehistoric monster underwater depth of the size of a blue whale, and then
and more. The skeleton of a mysterious creature does not exceed one and a half meters,
however, the whole mystery is that experts on marine
the animals were not so able to determine what it is.

Some experts have suggested (based on elongated
head and large mandible), that this may be a whale cub,
guinea pig or even a small dolphin. That’s what it says
Professor Dan Forman from Swansea University:

The first impression that is created at the sight of this strange
creatures – a crocodile, that is, his remains. However, having met
closer with such a strange “gift of the sea”, I am convinced that this is far
not this way. You can make other similar assumptions, but without
laboratory analysis is difficult to say exactly what brought to the beach
sea ​​waves – maybe an animal unknown to science, maybe just
badly mutilated remains of something familiar. Anyway,
interesting case…

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