On one of the old photos of NASA were twoUFO

Researchers from the University of Arizona fell into the hands
old pictures from the nasa archive, among which a very
любопытная фотография с изображением двух UFO, пролетающими
not far from the American space module.

The aerospace agency workers themselves could not give
a clear explanation of what it is and how it appeared on
the picture, making a mark on the back of the photo – “unidentified”.
Thanks to this, university researchers found that the photograph
попали UFO.

Neither NASA, nor researchers at the University of Arizona,
do not have the knowledge that this may actually be. On
the basis of this, we can conclude that we are not talking about some kind of
top secret military technology.

Like it or not, it turns out that the space module was followed
alien devices. Please note that they are not completely normal,
because they are surrounded by, apparently, an energy envelope,
emitting some kind of fantastic light …

By the way, conspiracy theorists claim that NASA’s staff recently
time began to make more frequent stuffing in the Internet material network,
confirming the presence of aliens on Earth. Recent announcement
on tv show jimmy kemmela the former us president barack obama that
he is ready to declassify information about aliens that lies with him
supposedly in the desktop drawer, it also surprises and alarms
at the same time. What is it? Why are high-ranking Americans (rather
just on behalf of the world government) prepare earthlings? Or that
just a game of giveaway, the goal of which was and remains as possible
is it better and more skillful to powder people’s brains? ..

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