On photographs from Mars found “headthe robot “

Restless virtual archaeologists have again found on old photographs,
sent from Mars, something mysterious – now amazing in its
the shape and coloring of the stone, something resembling the head of a robot.

First, the stone is blue-black, which dramatically distinguishes it from the total
mass of Martian mountain fragments. This alone makes this find
unique because it gives reason for reflection – what is this
rock and stone at all, even if you reject all mystical and
fantastic theories.

Secondly, this almost black stone resembles the head of some
little robot Some Internet users even saw
in it the head of Darth Vader from the movie “Star Wars” – to everyone
as they say, their own. Anyway, at high magnification
(see photo) can be seen on this fantastic
the martian find of the orbit, the nose and even something like a mouth with

Whatever it was, independent researchers write, on the natural
The formation of a black object is nothing like. Maybe it’s just
some kind of abandoned and broken statuette, and, apparently,
completely small, since the size of her head does not exceed
three to four centimeters. It is for this reason that she could not
earlier found in the picture, for the very same reason it was not removed
with him NASA specialists.

This mysterious artifact, most likely, just rolled out
from somewhere outside when the rover left on the surface of mars
deep rut. And at the same time – accidentally hit the frame …

In any case, this is another confirmation that with Red
planet is not so simple, virtual archaeologists write, and if
we would know about it as much as NASA employees, forever
Shooting out the most interesting from photographs, it would have come long ago
conclude that Mars is inhabited. Who is the other question. Rather
all, the answer to it and makes the American specialists
space agencies forever darken with pictures and juggle
data. It is clear that possessing secret knowledge is always pleasant and …
is useful.

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