On satellite photos of Australia found “flyinga plate

Enthusiasts viewed satellite images of Australia and
unexpectedly noticed something surprising in the west of the continent.

In the desert field between the Wonderder Nature Reserve and the national
Badgingara’s park turned out to be a large triangle with 7 bright lights.
The length of each of its sides is at least 200 meters. Dimensions
and the characteristic shape of the object, as well as the presence of the most powerful
light sources suggest that we are talking about
interplanetary ship representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization.

But do not rush to look for this unidentified flying object.
on satellite maps. It was enough to fly around this news in English
Internet segment as a UFO immediately disappeared from the field image. AT
reality, he, of course, just flew away, but what about the picture
this UFO, because they sometimes remain the same over the years? Either
there was a huge coincidence and the staff of the corporation “Google”
updated the pictures right now, or they did it on purpose,
to hide the presence in the photo extraterrestrial apparatus.

As for skeptical users of the Network, then, by
In their opinion, this is a wind power plant. ATот только где
gentlemen materialists have met such windmills, remains until
riddle, if not more – where did this “wind
station”? Flew away? ..

Continuing the topic of triangular UFOs, we note that the information
resource ToDay News Ufa recently reported: virtual archaeologists
discovered something similar in the picture of one of the moons of Jupiter
Of Europe.

Triangular object is uniquely alien, does not fit into
natural, fairly flat space landscape of the satellite, which is why
ufologists made assumptions that in due time (snapshot is quite
the old, still shot research probe “Galileo”) here
wrecked ship aliens, or is it a base

It is not surprising that in this case the skeptics are “joyfully”
they blew it up that it was not a UFO, but just stones, chiaroscuro,
некоторые особенности поверхности Of Europe. You can still understand them
this example, but how do they refuse in Australia
clearly notice the fresh aircraft, which can not
be earthly. And even more so something else, if he flies and his to
the same hastily removed from the photograph, which suggests some
reflections …

By the way, we also offer you a real video about UFOs,
syaty this year. Naturally, the most interesting …

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