On satellite photos of Yekaterinburg foundmysterious triangular structure

Known in narrow circles of ufologists and conspiracologists domestic
amateur historian, journalist and virtual researcher Valentin
Degterev made a couple of days ago an unusual discovery, considering
satellite images of the Uktussky mountains in Yekaterinburg. On one of
pictures of the mountain range from a bird’s eye view
the specialist unexpectedly saw a perfectly flat triangular
structure on the ground with a length of each side over 20 meters.

Coordinates of the intriguing Russian finds: 56 ° 45’37.2 “N
60 ° 39’19.9 “E

According to the words of Degterev, the Uktussky mountains keep an ancient secret,
and this is known to many locals. Believed to be here
Once there was a pagan temple, and in this temple our ancestors
worshiped by some unknown deities. Even today in these places
You can meet members of religious groups, various sectarians and
real satanists who are invariably attracted by the mysterious
the past of the mountain range.

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