On the American beach unexpectedly formedmysterious rock

Access to one of North Carolina’s most popular beaches
The US unexpectedly closed last Tuesday, July 24th. The reason for this
It was not the invasion of sharks, but the mysterious three-meter rock,
formed near the water in just one night. Vacationers were
amazed when they came here in the morning and found no news from where
taken height. According to eyewitnesses, it was like
magic or some fantastic science experiment.

The mysterious incident on the beach of Outer Banks immediately
interested city officials and scientists, not to mention
paranormal investigators.

The orthodox scholars of science suggest that
the result of coastal erosion, however, cannot explain how
the ocean managed to erode (lift) rocks in just a few
hours It usually takes many years or even

Some conspiracy therapists, in turn, believe that all the fault
a kind of “temporary anomaly”. What is it, do not really explain
Of course, they can, but, unlike scientists, they admit that
explain what happened from a scientific point of view or at least logically
not yet possible. Miracle, and only …

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