On the asteroid Bennu found the “pyramid” andother “facilities”

September 8, 2016, NASA experts launched into space
advanced interplanetary station OSIRIS-REx. Next year she
as planned, will reach a small near-earth asteroid bennu,
member of the Apollo group and opened April 25, 2013. Him
diameter is 0.56 kilometers.

The American apparatus will take soil samples from the asteroid, after
which will fly back to Earth, which will reach by 2023.
The project cost is one billion dollars. However,
far from all of the Internet users believe that so
an expensive “toy” created for the sole purpose – to collect stones
of dubious value on a distant celestial body.

According to conspiracy, the true mission of “OSIRIS-REx”
is completely different. The fact is that at the moment
the interplanetary station has already taken many pictures of the asteroid, and on
several of them seemed something unusual. Enthusiasts found on
These photos have at least three objects suspiciously similar to
man-made structures. Tellingly, one of them is distinctly
resembles a regular quadrangular pyramid, as if “straight from

In other words, proponents of conspiracy theories are convinced that
the spacecraft flew on bennu scout the alien ruins
civilization. Or maybe not ruins at all, but something more …

It is noteworthy that NASA named the station in honor of Osiris –
ancient Egyptian god of the underworld. Well, Bennu – it does
magic bird from egyptian mythology. How are you

The last pictures of the asteroid were obtained on August 17 of this
of the year. New photos, apparently, is not expected. Seem to be,
the US National Space Agency doesn’t want too much
so that we see something extra in his pictures …

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