On the dangerous asteroid “Phaeton” found a largedark object

Astronomers carefully examined in the radio telescope “Arecibo”
asteroid “Phaeton”, dangerously close to our planet. And although
Scientists suggest that this 5,1 km in diameter lump
will soon burn near the Sun, there are no guarantees that
an astronomical object does not crash into the earth. In addition, attention
experts chained mysterious dark spot suddenly
they found in the pictures of the asteroid. People of official science
believe that this is probably a crater or other dimple, not
radar reflecting rays, but ufologists have a different opinion on this

Explorers of unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial
civilizations are confident that on the “Phaeton” lurked a certain man-made
an object. This can be either a spacecraft or a base.
aliens. The mysterious structure, according to ufologists, has a very
dark color therefore does not reflect radiation. It is even possible that
we are talking about the space mines “green men”. Until
mankind dreams of mining for minerals outside of its
�”Blue ball”, aliens, far ahead of us in
development, probably already long ago learned how to get the necessary
resources without ruining the home planet.

Specialists of the US National Space Agency
remind that “Phaeton” was first noticed on October 11, 1983
by the infrared orbital observatory “IRAS”. Scientists
determined that this is a large, round-shaped celestial body,
related to the so-called Apollo asteroids. If you believe
employees of NASA, the “Phaeton” is currently at 20
millions of kilometers from the Sun and will soon collapse, approaching
star at a critical distance. Ufologists say that if
the aliens have not yet deflated everything of value from the asteroid, the cosmic
the miners are unlikely to allow Phaeton to just fall apart and
burn out For them, it’s worth nothing to change its direction, and then
yet another dangerous asteroid will “delight” us with its presence in
dangerous proximity to the earth.

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