On the dollar bill found a hidden imagealien

Today, no one is surprised by the image on the dollar
the banknote of the all-seeing eye, which is the most famous masonic
symbol. Now, conspiracy therapists seem to have done much more
amazing discovery by discovering the most runaway american
купюре скрытый рисунок головы alien. For this specialists
I had to use my imagination and process a little reverse
dollar in the editor. You can see the result,
looking at the video below. Skeptics are confident that
we have only a paradolic illusion, but ufologists see
here is a very sinister sign.

Taiwanese researcher Scott Waring, having read this
news immediately stated that representatives of extraterrestrial
civilizations that subjugated the world government and supplied
US currency hidden signs. Or maybe the aliens have so far subjugated.
currently only the American authorities? Then there is nothing surprising in
that the United States is struggling to impose its
�”Green paper”. And, it should be noted, quite successfully (someone to them in
This business very cleverly, almost mystically helped). Therefore, according to
Waringa if humanity wants to confront alien
invaders, he needs to first get rid of
US economic and dollar hegemony.

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