On the donkey Buridan, Hick’s law and sufferingmaximizers

Buridan’s ass is a number of philosophical (not experimental)
paradox according to which if before a donkey from both sides
spread out the same treats, then he will die of hunger, because
will not be able to make the right choice.

But the French philosopher Jean Buridan, who lived at the beginning of the XIV century,
was guided only by “thought experiment” and conclusions.
And because 600 years later, scientists decided to check it all on
practice. Numerous experiences with buyers-tasters
have shown that the richer a person’s choice is, the
more indecisive in the final decision (what to prefer?),
the more he feels dissatisfaction in the case of purchase (again
not bought), and eventually it becomes more and more

According to the law of the psychologist William Hick, the more options
choice, the more difficult it is for a person to make a decision, the more he spends
at this time, the psychological forces – and the more it gets
disappointment with the result.

Nobel laureate Gerber Simon went even further
определив, что всех людей можно условно разделить на maximizers
and satfayerov. The first, by all means, want to choose from
the options available are the best, and therefore never satisfied with their
by choice. And the bigger and richer the choice is, the more for them
harder to make the right decision, and therefore stay
satisfied Отсюда все страдания maximizers…

Satfireers have a completely different psychology when choosing the best
of the many options, based only on their beliefs and
standards developed, never in any doubt, why and
do not suffer. But the trouble is that most people
on Earth – maximizers, and therefore, the richer choice provides
our society, developing and growing rich, we become more and more
miserable, because we constantly suffer from lost profits,
lost opportunity, not caught crane in the sky …

The abundance that surrounds the people of Western society today is not
just did not give them the freedom of choice, but on the contrary – completely
deprived them of this freedom, turning into slaves of regret, anxiety,
dissatisfaction and suffering, writes the scientist.

In his work Paradox of Choice, American psychologist Barry
Schwartz with surprise and regret states: “Freedom of choice
It seems the main component of our well-being, why, than
more freedom and autonomy, the less we extract from this
psychological benefits? “

It turns out that for a modern person the only way
to find true freedom and complete satisfaction in life is
give up freedom of choice? Roman emperor and philosopher Mark
Aurelius in his work “To himself” wrote that for happy
a person needs very little life – correct thinking, not
wealth and certainly not limitless possibilities. He probably
knew this truth well, being an emperor and very clever
a man …

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