On the island of Crete was found the footprint of a personwhich is almost six million years old

Archaeologists have found a unique imprint of the human foot, age
which, according to the analysis, is not less
little, 5.7 million years old. Such a finding casts doubt on the former.
representation of the science of human origins.

Previously, it was believed that reasonable people appeared first in Africa and
only then settled throughout the Earth. However, the former
evidence of the appearance of people on the African continent
exceed 3 million years, moreover, it is worth considering that the current
the footprint of a man is not found in Africa, which has long been considered
the cradle of humanity, and on the island, which in ancient times adjoined
to Europe.

Scientists have determined the age of a human footprint found
thanks to foraminifera – the simplest single-celled living in those
time. It is known that 6 million years ago the Mediterranean
dried, but not for long. It was at that time that ancient man
managed (so successfully) to please in a small beach, that his trail
survived to our days. There are no archaeologists and doubts
trace origin: they have evidence of that based on
compared with similar findings made earlier. but
The current footprint of a person is striking in its antiquity and in its
European origin.

Interestingly, orthodox science will be able to “digest” it or, as
it was more than once or twice; “seditious information” would fail again
somewhere in the abyss, and not seeing the light and not reflected in any
modern textbook? For example, the imprint of a sandal found in
1922 by geologist John Reid in Nevada and who, like
it turned out it was 200 million years old, in no way inspired academic
scientists review the history, rather the opposite – they immediately attacked
the researchers, and the discovery itself was explained by the “game of nature.” Completely
it may be that in Crete, nature again allowed itself
�”Joke” …

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