On the island of Guernsey, found mysterious humanremains

On the island of Guernsey in the English Channel, archaeologists have done an unusual
opening. Researchers discovered the grave in which they rested
человеческие remains. At the very least, scientists suggest that
this body belongs to man, though …

The fact is that this amazing ancient skeleton possesses one
big eye socket, flat face and strange feet. Proportions
the bodies are somewhat disturbed, and besides, the bones of the skeleton, like
turned out to be decomposed in different ways, as if it took
various time intervals.

Of course, the orthodox science is in no hurry to claim that speech
talking about the remains of a cyclops or some other mysterious
humanoid. Experts believe that the skull was just damaged, and
instead of two eye sockets, one big one was formed. Disproportion of parts
The body could be caused by a hereditary disease. And fragmentary
preservation of the bones, they say, probably due to falling into
grave of water.

It is assumed that before us is the skeleton of a monk, whose height was
about 152 centimeters. Laboratory study of the remains will allow
scientists to open the veil of secrecy or, as often happens,
juggle the results of the study under their original
assumptions. Be that as it may, even the most conservative
Experts recognize that this skeleton looks very unusual …

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