On the moon, discovered “agriculturalplots “

Enthusiasts leading popular ufological and
conspirological YouTube channel “Disclose Screen”, shared with
followers of another potentially sensational discovery. By
According to the researchers, they looked at the satellite images of the dark
side of the moon and decided to look into the craters of Selena.

Having done this, ufologists processed the images in the photo editor and
unexpectedly noticed in the large impact craters of the natural
Earth satellite is something astounding. There were huge
greenish rectangles suspiciously similar to those captured
from a bird’s eye view people cultivated land

Are there any fields on the nearest heavenly body?
cultivated by representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization? Authors find
and many web users believe that yes, this is quite possible.
Meanwhile, skeptics claim that we are only
image artifacts caused by satellite compression

Many researchers are convinced that the dark side of the moon, which
impossible to observe from the earth and on which the foot never walked
man, must hide countless riddles. And it is possible that
The estimated fields with green crops are only
a minor example of such lunar miracles. Of course it is rather
altogether, not agricultural land, but something else, but
the artificial origin of these “moon sites” is difficult not to
notice and it is impossible to dismiss it just like that …

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