On the moon, discovered the ship aliens

Famous ufologist, conspirologist and virtual archaeologist George
Graham, a leading Streetcap1 YouTube channel, claims that
managed to find another amazing anomaly in the pictures of the moon.
The specialist says that he looked at the photos taken
the Chinese automatic interplanetary station Chang’e-3, and noticed
on one and frames a large man-made object, clearly
resembling a spaceship. However, the man is uniquely
could not create such an aircraft, but because the researcher
concluded that we are talking about a spaceship aliens.

Here is what Graham writes:

I don’t know what else it could be. Look at the details of this.
object. I did not handle the photo in any way: I did not change it
brightness, contrast or color. This is what a fragment of the photo looks like.
from the lunar mission of the Chinese apparatus “Chang’e-3”. Every time i
I make such finds, I am seriously surprised. But it amazes me more
not that there are many traces of being on the moon or mars
there are intelligent beings. About this and so know everyone who needs it. More difficult
believe that no one discovered these objects before me. Is it really
scientists of the Chinese National Space Administration did not notice
in his photographs, this strikingly distinguished on the background of the moon
landscape ship? Yes, and representatives of NASA, no doubt, should have been
to scrupulously study the materials of their colleagues.

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