On the moon, found a perfectly flat hexagonalalien base

Mexican ufologist and researcher of supernatural phenomena,
leading popular YouTube channel Mundo Desconocido (“Unknown
world ”), published a potentially sensational video in which
talked about his amazing new discovery. The specialist reports
that I found on one of the old snapshots of the moon a perfectly even
hexagonal object. According to the expert, we are probably talking about
alien hexagonal base.

Scientists constantly say that celestial earths are different
the bodies of the solar system are huge deserts that
never concerned intelligent life. Of course, except
Moon, where in the 60s, allegedly visited by the Americans. However, let’s say in
part of the discussion that NASA astronauts did fly on the natural
satellite of our planet. Alleged that they just stuck there
flag and collected samples of lunar soil. But who then built on
Moon this giant base in the form of an equilateral hexagon? Not
could so symmetrical and smooth pyramidal “crater”
appear there yourself! Next to it you can see quite
ordinary, that is, natural craters are rounded.

The Mexican reports that the mystery shot was taken by one of
five automatic orbiters “Lunar orbiter”,
launched by the Americans in 1966-1967 for mapping
surface selena. Mysterious six-sided “pyramid” strikingly
stands out against the background of craters and moon mountains. Ufolog surprised that
NASA specialists and his colleagues for all this time did not find
this anomaly. Or representatives of the American national
space agencies still knew about the pyramid, but decided not to
report it to the world community? However, NASA experts
similar “finds” on the moon have long ago been withered (retouched) on
all pictures that are posted in the public domain. For sure on
The moon discovered something and a lot more interesting than the hexagonal base
aliens. And this is, as they say, a small thing that is just
blinked …

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