On the moon found a runway and a hugeUFO

Famous Russian ufologist, conspirologist and virtual archaeologist
Valentin Degterev, who has recently become popular not only
among compatriots, but also among English-speaking users
World Wide Web segment, made a new amazing discovery. By
according to the Ural specialist, he considered satellite imagery
The moon and found on its surface runway,
which there, according to official science, cannot be.

In addition, Valentine believes that the presence of a cosmodrome at Selena
�”Green men” scared off in 1969 by Americans who arrived
there during the Apollo 11 mission. The researcher is convinced that
NASA astronauts actually were on the moon, however they were there
not alone Degterev found a huge unidentified flying object
not far from the American spacecraft on archival
pictures of this mission. By мнению эксперта, астронавты сделали
a few dozen photos of the monstrous “flying saucer”, however
It was not possible for the NASA staff to reach it.

Byчему эти изображения попали в свободный доступ, остается для
ufologist this mystery. However, it has long been known that
censors of the US National Space Agency work
not too attentive. Or maybe for some reason.
give out such information to small people in small portions
specifically? ..

As for the mysterious runway, it has
very large extent and perfect evenness. Naturally,
the author of the find excludes its natural origin. Aerodrome
aliens look like a concrete structure from above, however
It is unlikely that representatives of extraterrestrial civilization
used on the moon the same building materials as the man – on his
�”Blue ball”. Most likely, their “concrete”, albeit artificial
origin, however, has much stronger and more durable
properties, since the runway of the aliens seems to be
built here a long time ago and has been preserved until now, in spite of
cruel cosmic effects, because the moon has no atmosphere,
protecting its surface …

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