On the moon, found another basealiens

Famous American ufologist and virtual archaeologist under
pseudonym streetcap1 (aka – George Graham), considering the pictures
surface of the natural satellite of the Earth, again discovered on them
something suspicious – now in the 85-km impact crater
Quiet in the southern part of the visible side of the moon. The researcher believes that
ему удалось отыскать очередное сооружение aliens.

A bright object, according to a specialist, is a huge
structure that was erected on the heavenly body closest to us
representatives of a technically developed extraterrestrial civilization. Ufologist

View my video very carefully. Skeptics
they say that this is an ordinary natural formation, however they are deeply
are mistaken. I saw thousands of hills and rocks on the surface of the moon (I
specialist in this matter), and therefore I can tell you with accuracy that
we are talking about a man-made object. This is the real building
built by aliens! To me, this is as obvious as
the house in which I live was built specifically for this, and not
appeared by itself. Authorities, including NASA staff,
being puppets in the hands of the powerful, hide from us
information about what really happens on the moon however i
I have indisputable evidence: there are many bases
�”Green men”. As, however, and on Smoy Earth.

Impressed with his find, George Graham also notes that
the structure on the moon reflects the sunlight well, therefore
surely consists of metal or of material that we just don’t
We know, but we perceive, as metal.

By the way, a little later, a tireless ufologist posted on his channel
streetcap1 is another video proving, in his opinion,
обитаемость Луны, вернее сказать, присутствие на ней aliens и
their numerous bases. According to George, flashes on Selene,
which are clearly visible on the video, confirm the theory of displacement
aliens через «кротовые норы». So they come to
to us or from other galaxies, or from other worlds …

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