On the moon found “rectangular buildings”

Unknown (even by name) UFO enthusiast
YouTube channel “Lunar Quest”, published another intriguing

Researcher viewed with a telescope natural
satellite of our planet and unexpectedly discovered on the lunar horizon
something suspiciously resembling rectangular buildings like
our homes with you!

As you might guess, there was no limit to the surprise of the ufologist.
NASA, like other world space agencies, constantly gives us
they say (trying to convince them in every way) that the Moon is
uninhabited celestial body, where you can find perhaps countless
craters, mountains and the long-faded American flag. Where from then on
Selene took large rectangular objects?

Of course, it would not be superfluous to assume that we have
лишь артефакты съемки, вызванные компрессией video. But too
clear and voluminous they look, is not it?

The author of the find intends to ensure that representatives of NASA
met with these frames and tried to comment on them.
The idea, as they say experienced ufologists, say, Scott Waring, naive,
but … you can try, however, the answer of employees of the American
aerospace department is predictable in advance (if it is only
will): this is just a paradolic illusion …

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