On the moon showed a mysterious squarean object

In the shock crater Arat in the north of the lunar mountain range of the Apennines
обнаружили таинственный an object, выглядящий сверху как идеальной
square square An amazing find was made
amateur ufologists who looked at pictures of Selena’s surface
through the Google Moon service.

Researchers suggest that this may be as flat as
и объемный an object, возведенный либо оставленный на естественном
Earth satellite representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. Если an object
volumetric, then we can talk about a cube or a pyramid. Alas, low
As a photo, it does not allow you to consider the anomaly better.

Ufologists estimate that the length of each side of the square
is at least one hundred meters, with one side supplied
two prominent projections. Is it a mysterious backup?
designs, or before us a huge hatch with two loops.

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