On the new exhibit of the Cairo Museum ufologistssaw a UFO

Cairo Museum exhibited a new exhibit – Funerary papyrus
Djedkhonsuiefankh, whose age is estimated at approximately
three thousand years. Ufologists immediately saw it as something unusual. On
papyrus depicts the Sphinx, on its back is
disc-shaped object, emitting rays in all directions, which causes
researchers have only one explanation – this is a UFO.

Specify that the Egyptians and earlier painted all sorts of “heavenly
boats, ”but they all looked like ordinary arks, and here they were clearly
�”Flying saucer”. Egyptian hieroglyphics, like Egyptian
symbolism, did not demonstrate to this day anything like this (or
at least, such things were not put on public display
so clearly).

Researchers remembered only one analogue
today’s papyrus – The Tulli papyrus (papyrus Tully), which
fell into the hands of Egyptologists (how – no one still knows
so far) from the Vatican Secret Library.

Enough, I think, to get acquainted with the translation of the fragment
Tulli papyrus, to understand his connection with the current exhibit
Cairo Museum:

On двадцать втором году третьего месяца зимы, шестого
one o’clock in the afternoon among the scribes of the House of Life there was a panic when with
the sky of Fire appeared. He had no head and no voice and he
uttered a terrible smell. The disc went to the residence of the Pharaoh.
The scribes fell down in horror, and only when the Fire Disk disappeared, they
They came to tell Pharaoh what had happened. Pharaoh thought long about
mysterious event, then ordered the scribes to compile
In this case, the scrolls and forever stored them in the House of Life.

But what is surprising: the ancient Egyptians knew very well
astronomy is perhaps even much better than modern scientists
were privy to the great secrets of the stars and planets and suddenly … they paint and
write about “flying saucers” with almost the same reverent trembling and
fear like american indians. Something here does not communicate. how
suggest some conspiracy therapists, and papyrus Tully, and today’s
exhibit of the Cairo Museum may well be a false stuffing for
the general public. It is not clear only for what? ..

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