On the old children’s photo found the demon

Imagine viewing your old baby photos,
indulging in sweet and sad nostalgia, when suddenly you notice that
one of these pictures you know is not what you should
be. On a seemingly completely harmless frame, you unexpectedly
you find a very sinister detail, why on your back
begins to run through an unpleasant chill. It is these feelings experienced
the other day one of the users of the popular entertainment site
�Reddit. Frightened man claims to have found in a photo
25 years old, depicting his little and his sister, present
the demon. Here is what he writes:

If I’m not mistaken, this picture was taken in the summer of 1992.
of the year. My sister and I played on our farm. We dug up the earth
and, as you can see, they decided to bury me in the chest for fun. Father
made fun of it, and he decided to shoot us on popular then
Polaroid camera. No one noticed anything unusual at that moment.
nearby. All these years, the photo lay in the family archive, and no one
I never saw this strange one on it, if not more –
scary detail. Just now I was sorting out old photos and
I found something terrible on this frame. Take a closer look at
background right near the hedge. I circled this thing in red
around so you can get a better look at it. What could it be? I
very scared and do not know what to think. As soon as I saw her, my
мозг сразу решил: «Там был демон!» I до сих пор не могу найти
what happened another explanation. I do not know whether to inform my sister about
my find or not. I would not want to scare her, she is so holy
believes in all the supernatural.

And in fact: right under the tree in the background, behind a bunch
scrap metal worth unnaturally thin and tall human
figure. Absolutely black silhouette with a horned head and lowered
hands like watching children playing and photographing them
father Is it really that the demon from
hell Some regulars “Reddit”, by the way, have suggested
that it could be less scary, but also supernatural
the essence, namely the shadow man from urban folklore. Well and
according to skeptical commentators, it’s about
paradolic illusion. Say, tree branches created from this
Angle freakish silhouette, like an ominous horned man.
That is why, they say, no one has noticed this picture for so many years.
nothing unusual.

Or maybe in the picture all this time there was no this demon, they are set
Question mystical Internet users? And he
manifested only now, to specifically scare, or remind of
something … Sister, they say, in any case, show photos do not
worth it. If she is destined to see this demon, then she will find
his, and then this “accident” will be harder to write off to
paradolic illusion …

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