On the old liner “Queen Mary” photographedghost headless giant

�”Queen Mary” is a 310-meter transatlantic
liner built in the first half of the 1930s Scottish
shipbuilding company «John Brown & Company». This is the ocean
the ship was the last “great liner” able to make
competition to a passenger plane that was gradually becoming
leading vehicle across the ocean.

Today the old ship is moored in the dock of the American city
Long Beach, where it serves as a hotel, restaurant and museum. Nowhere
Queen Mary, no longer traveling, is known today as
damn liner since this is one of the most densely populated
ghosts of places of the Earth. This “title” mysterious ship received
far from random.

Even when the ship was launched on September 26, 1934,
4 workers died, which is a very bad omen. Soon “Queen
Mary “turned into a real Mecca for those who wanted to impose on themselves
arms. People were constantly being thrown overboard the luxury ship.
They say that to this day you can see translucent figures,
hopping from the long-anchored liner. During the second
World War II “Queen Mary” transported 16 thousand soldiers, and
the military, tamped in the cabins like fish in a barrel, began to die
from lack of oxygen. And when the ship was transported to
America a few dozen prisoners of Germans and Italians, each of
who were only 17-18 years old, young people made a massive
suicide. And this is only a small part of those terrible incidents
who have taken hundreds of human lives here. In a word,
Ghosts have a place to come from in such a place.

This was confirmed recently by a traveler who visited the local museum.
According to the American, he took 3 pictures of one of the corridors
ship with a difference of just a few seconds. The tourist was convinced
that the corridor was empty. However, our hero did not believe
to my eyes when I discovered on the second photo I received
incredibly tall headless human silhouette! Author sinister
the frame is ready to swear that I have not seen while shooting other people
especially headless. It turns out that it was one of countless
ghosts of “queen mary”? Some World Wide Web users
claim to have a similar build one of the former captains
liner Sir Edgar Britten. True, the captain never lost in
in the literal sense of the head, and indeed he died a natural death away
from the ship, but who knows these ghosts, especially from here,
as the practice of visiting this damned ship shows,
really a lot …

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