On the old photo was mysterious”defect”

In the section of entertainment and news site «Reddit», dedicated to
supernatural phenomena, another curious
publication. Resource user under a pseudonym
marylikestodraw tells that she recently visited a commission
a store where stumbled upon a very unusual product. This find
so surprised and intrigued the girl that our heroine immediately
I bought it and hurried to show it to the Internet frequents.

This is a mysterious old picture, toned sepia.
The frame bought by marylikestodraw depicts a certain man walking
to the photographer on the country road. But what is strange here? BUT
the strange thing is that behind the man in the photo is clearly visible incomprehensible
an object that resembles a skeleton or a shadow of a skeleton. AND
this supposed sinister anomaly appears to have been in
Shooting time in motion!

Of course, skeptics are in no hurry to believe that in the lens of someone’s
cameras once hit the animated human skeleton or even
an animal. Some materialists believe that the picture was subjected to installation.
Others are confident that the authors of the image hung up offscreen.
any anatomical model of the skeleton to create so
unusual shadow on the road. According to the third, it is just an insect in
camera lens. If this is true, then we are very
an unusual insect, don’t you think? ..

BUT с другой стороны, мир наш не столь физически-примитивен, как
it is presented to us by orthodox scholars, and therefore it can
happen anything. AND даже то, что marylikestodraw
“Accidentally” discovered this mysterious photograph with a strange
“Defect” on it and presented it to the users of the Network
the Internet is already a small miracle, for which, it is quite admissible,
hiding another miracle that we usually call mysticism …

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