On the panorama of “Google” found againghost

Attentive user of a famous map service
�”Google Maps” claims to have found in the panoramas of the American
The city of Lawrence (Indiana) is an ominous ghost. It is noteworthy that
This is not the first such ghostly find in recent times.

According to Colton Kisi, he accidentally made such
discovery, viewing the panorama near the house that once belonged
his grandparents. First, the man, opening this picture, did not give
large value dark figure behind a low fence, however
then our hero, for the sake of curiosity, nevertheless increased this detail of the photo and
came to the conclusion: near his friend he turned out to be dark
human silhouette covered with a haze or a black veil!

Puzzled Colton suggests that it was demonic
a child looking directly into the google car camera. According to
Kishi’s observation, the ghost’s skin has a dead green color, and
the eyes of the alleged emigre are dark and
lifeless. American believes that this is reliable proof
the existence of the afterlife, however, bewildered, is it possible that everyone
from us will turn after death into the same monster?

Skeptics claim that this is probably the Halloween decoration or
something like that. That’s who lives well in this world: no
doubts and concerns about the afterlife!

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