On the path of hurricane IRMA – two American atomicpower plants: Florida faces second Fukushima

Scientists are closely watching the progress of hurricane IRMA, almost
have no doubt that this weekend he will reach the coast
America and overwhelm the state of Florida. But most frightening about this
the case is that on its way two nuclear power plants: Turkey
Point and St. Lucie and Florida Power Light.

True, the leadership of Turkey Point NPP assures that nothing
terrible should not happen, because the station has stood in 1992
Hurricane Andrew, even if the infrastructure around it was then
totally destroyed. Yes, “Irma” and “Endoyu” are both rated by
the highest fifth category of hurricane force, however, as noted
observers of today’s tragedies on the islands of the Caribbean
pool, IRMA is much stronger in terms of wind speed and some
relentlessness in its “fantastic madness.” And the strength of it
The natural monster is only increasing.

Optimistically tuned and management of NPP Florida Power & Light,
for example, his representative Peter Robbins even assured the press that
in the event of a threat at the station, power units will simply stop – and no
problems. However, not everything is as rosy as it wants
submit Robbins, apparently in order to reassure the public. The fact,
that in Japan at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in 2011, they also prepared in advance for
earthquake by turning off power units and emergency generators
reactor. Moreover, the Japanese, unlike the Americans, are much more
prepared technically and meticulously in fulfilling
necessary measures. However, in the end, the land of the ascendant
the sun and the whole world, in addition, witnessed a great tragedy –
Fukushima nuclear fuel melted, an atomic explosion occurred,
emitting huge amounts of radioactive dust into the atmosphere
to mention the other consequences of this catastrophe.

At the same time, we recall that the United States government and
controlled media deliberately downplayed radioactive
pollution from the explosion of the nuclear power plant Fukushima. Today, the radioactive plume is already
crossed the Pacific Ocean and almost on its way to California. But it is only
plume, if hurricane “Irma” will destroy at least one nuclear power plant in Florida,
a session of the “American Fukushima” will be held.

The Russian-speaking population, too, at one time experienced a terrible blow
from the tragedy at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, from the consequences of which
so far, for example, can not free Ukraine. And although hurricanes like
IRMA, while in the USSR was not observed, but as
supporters of the global conspiracy, the disaster in Chernobyl
staged the American special services in order to destroy the Soviet Union.
Well, perhaps in this world nothing goes unpunished, and
Evidence of this can be many troubles impending in
Recently, the United States literally from all sides …

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