On the photo from the car accident near Krasnoyarsknoticed the ghosts of the dead

January 3, at about 7 pm, near Krasnoyarsk occurred
car accident: the family crashed when faced with a truck. By
According to representatives of the State Traffic Police Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the terrible accident had
place on the highway near the village of Balakhta. �”Audi” brought on
road, and the passenger car came under the wheels of a truck. AT
as a result of a traffic accident spouses died
two children. Traffic police officers considered the incident miserable
by chance.

When photos from the accident site appeared in the social network
«ATКонтакте», красноярцы заметили нечто загадочное на одном из
snapshots. Above the twisted “Audi” supposedly seemed human
silhouette. Some users even viewed under his head.
second person. As you might guess, the Runet regulars at once
decided that the spirits of the dead were imprinted on the mysterious frame
Russians It is alleged that a sad male face is seen from above,
and beneath it – scared female. Are these the ghosts of the dead on
the place of the accident husband and wife? If so, where are the phantoms of their unfortunate
children? And why none of those present saw on the road
Anything beyond the ordinary? True, our eyes are in contrast
from the photo, does not see the subtle world, and even appear in it for
equipment is not all ghosts …

ATпрочем, некоторые комментаторы не поверили в то, что снимок
portrays something supernatural. By мнению сомневающихся, речь
It is a common paradolic illusion. They say
the paintwork on the broken car glitters under the slant
diffused light, and in the presence of fantasy from this angle you can in
actually see something remotely resembling human
figures and faces. In addition, skeptics believe that the figure in the photo
more like some kind of reptiloid than a person.

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