On the photo of the full moon, a woman saw a cute face.your favorite dog

Unfortunately, the dog’s age is much shorter than human, and therefore
when 50-year-old British Donna Mortlock’s dog named Jack
Russell died at age 19, that is, by the standards of this animal in deep
old age, the grief of the woman was no limit.

I seemed to have lost my dearest and dearest child,
Donna says, you know, I have two sons, one of them even
Jack (by his name and the dog was named), but the sons are becoming
adults and leave not only the house, but to some extent the heart
mothers. And Jack Russell stayed for me until the last days
small, very attached to me “child.” And when before
I didn’t become his Christmas, for me it was not just a loss, but
real tragedy.

However, in the full moon, which soon followed Christmas
Of Christ, Donna Mortlock came out into the fresh air and took a picture
perfectly round heavenly body. And that’s what came of it,
says the Briton:

I don’t even know what made me take this photo, because
I was at that moment so saddened by the loss of Jack Russell that even
the beauty of the moon caused me only tears. But when I looked at
the resulting picture was literally shocked – from the screen of the smartphone
my favorite dog looked at me, as if watching my grief,
a little hiding behind the clouds. I even catch him sad
eyes, just like they were in the last minutes before
the demise.

The woman immediately sent a unique picture to her sons –
Billy and Jack, they also ran out to see their beloved
the dog of his virginity, but there was nothing like it in the sky:
the ghost of the dog has disappeared …

This story soon reached the journalists of the English newspaper Daily
Mail Online, and the photo itself, published on social networks
The Internet, surprisingly to Donna herself, has become viral. But it is far
not by chance, because many people in Albion, and in
the world as a whole, with the same pain and bitterness, parting with their
favorite pets, because their age is short or for some other
reasons they die even ahead of time. That is the story
Dog Jack Russell is very consonant with the experiences of many residents
our beautiful planet. Therefore, despite the statements
incorrigible skeptics who have not seen on this mystical
photos are nothing but a paradolic illusion, almost everything
World Wide Web users agreed with the British – yes, it is with
the sky looked at her beloved dog …

Currently, a puppy named Donna Mortlock has appeared
Taz, though automatically called him the second Jack Russell. By
at least the woman really hopes that this dog is somehow
calm her and gradually oust from her heart the longing for the dead
Jack Russell.

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