On the Russian road filmed a ghost, whichvisible only under the headlights

The Russians captured something strange on the highway not far from
Vladivostok International Airport.

Mysterious frames depict an ominous silhouette, periodically
appearing on the road near cars rushing by. Worth
drive a car like a black figure with some
shoots resembling arms, legs and even horns with a tail – creepy

The authors posted the resulting video in one of the most popular
automotive Internet communities of Primorye.

It is known that eyewitnesses accidentally noticed on the track.
suspicious dark silhouette. The strangest thing is that he appeared
only when vehicles were passing behind him.
Witnesses began filming the anomaly on video in order to make sure that they
this is not a dream. On the record, the alleged comer from the next world
also locked in. Our compatriots also note that with
slow motion can be considered mysterious
silhouette wavers.

Many commentators are convinced that this is indeed a ghost.
Perhaps a pedestrian, driver or passenger died on the track
whose spirit now appears here as an ephemeral shadow. Such
lost souls on Russian roads, if you believe urban legends,
there is a lot. Some of them, according to these legends, are
angry and provoke new accidents, suddenly materialize in the middle
roadway. Others – neutral, not interacting
with the world of the living. Well and the third – benevolent, helping
motorists avoid departures in a ditch and collisions with others
by cars.

Some users of social networks have tried to find what happened.
rational explanation. According to such materialists, it was
the shadow of a road sign or similar object. Say, when by
the road was passing cars, this shadow fell on them, and in another way its
it was impossible to see at night.

Well, skeptics may be right, but they are still worth it.
blame persistent reluctance to see in everyday things something
mysterious and amazing. What we are worse than the same British, accustomed
admire myself at any phenomena, even remotely
reminiscent of mysticism?

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