On the satellite of Saturn noticed the wreckage of a giantUFO?

Epimetheus — Saturn’s gas giant’s inner satellite — may
store on its surface the wreckage of a giant space
the ship. So say ufologists who found in the pictures of heaven
The body has a mysterious structure that resembles fragments of “flying

If it is in fact an aircraft, then its naturally
made not a man. Epimetheus probably crashed in his time
ship of representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization. It is even possible that
the remains of the “green men” are still there.

Experts from the community “ToDay News Ufa” made it amazing
discovery when studying satellite surface images published
on the website of the US space agency. These pictures
most recently were transferred to Earth by automatic interplanetary
station “Cassini”, arrived at Saturn on June 30, 2004.
It is noteworthy that next week, September 15, the mission of the probe
must come to an end: he will plunge into the atmosphere of a gas giant.
The device will, until the last moment, transmit to NASA information about a distant
a planet that will allow world scientists to learn a lot about

Researchers report:

We looked through the pictures of Epimethei and suddenly noticed
on one of them is a mysterious anomaly. On a darkened area
The surface of a celestial body turned out to be a strangely lit place. There
definitely something to eat. We carefully studied the photos and came to
выводу, что это фрагменты инопланетного космического the ship.
It is unlikely to be anything else, since this structure
too unlike craters and satellite elevations. Aliens
does exist, and in order to be convinced of this,
it is enough to periodically view the images published in
NASA’s Internet.

Specialists add that employees of the American Space
agencies try not to upload pictures to the World Wide Web, on
which captured something unusual, but inconsiderate
NASA censors often miss these photos, and ufologists almost
Immediately detect anomalies on them.

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