On the satellite of Uranus Titania, a virtual archaeologistdiscovered an incomprehensible giant dome

Popular Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring, who can be with
rightfully attributed to the cohort of onlan-archaeologists, did
another potentially sensational discovery. According to
UFO researchers and aliens, he looked at space images
on the site of the scientist Steve Albers working for the American
government, and discovered something astounding.

Scott interested in photos of the largest satellite of Uranus
Titania. On one of the frames of this eighth largest satellite
Solar system ufologist unexpectedly noticed an amazing
symmetrical structure resembling a giant giant resting in a crater
dome. Of course, Waring, never hesitated to make loud
statements, told numerous users of his site that
we are probably talking about an alien city or an alien base.

Famous in narrow circles Taiwanese also did not fail to blame
the us national space agency is that it
hides from the world community the truth about extraterrestrial civilizations,
inhabiting the celestial bodies of our planetary system. If similar
dome-shaped structures are on one of the moons of Uranus, then on the very
Uranus should be able to boil intelligent life, even if a few
otherwise (in a different form) than we can imagine.

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