On the surface of the moon captured “flyingplate ”and“ alien face ”

On the famous video hosting “YouTube” was found mysterious
record received in early October of this year. Astonishing
The video was published by the authors of the channel “Lunar Quest”, dedicated to
studies and anomalies of the moon.

The following frames were allegedly obtained using
amateur telescope with a video camera connected to it. Video
demonstrates an incomprehensible disc-shaped object that levitates low
above the surface of the natural satellite of the Earth.

In addition, many World Wide Web users spotted
right under the supposed “flying saucer” huge face
an alien with dark eyes. And if it is very difficult to explain, then
mysterious object hovering over Selena, a lot of commentators
unequivocally considered an extra-terrestrial representative of the aircraft

Maybe a strange image of an alien under the “plate” – that’s all
only a drawing like the letter “H”, which can be observed, for example, on

No wonder many ufologists and conspiracy therapists are convinced that the moon
is an inhabited celestial body, and NASA, Roscosmos and others
space agencies are strenuously hiding this information from the world
the public. However, it turns out that enthusiasts, thanks
modern digital technology, if you wish, you can look there yourself
and find traces of intelligent life in Selena …

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