On the Thai beach washed mysteriousbeing

English traveler Louis Burgoyne, currently located
a moment on holiday in Thailand, made a mysterious find on one of
beaches of an Asian country. According to the man, he discovered in the sand
�”Stranger” and immediately took a picture of him to post the received
pictures on the Internet.

Initially, Web users reacted to this discovery
skeptical. Seeing static images, commentators wrote that
this is a burping whale, the outlandish egg of some sea animal
or something like that. However, Burgoyn said in response,
that strange thing, it turns out, moves, and hurried
capture it on video. By including the video below, you
You can see this mysterious action with your own eyes.

Briton reports that he wanted to first include the amazing
an animal in the water, returning it to its habitat,
however, the “stranger” began to squirm and, the strangest thing, quietly
whistling, so a frightened man quickly left the find on
the sand and even hurried away from the mysterious creature to the safe
distance. After taking some photos and videos, he would soon

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