On the website of the St. Petersburg plant found photos with�Flying saucer

Users of the Runet unexpectedly made an amazing find on
site of one of the St. Petersburg machine-building plants. On
a random photograph depicting an industrial structure,
turned out to be a very strange detail. In the upper left corner of the image
a mysterious object, suspiciously similar to
classic “flying saucer”.

Many regulars of the Russian-speaking segment of the Network decided that
this is it. Really over the Russian plant by accident
photographed the present aircraft of representatives of extraterrestrial
civilization? Are we in front of a potential sensation?

Some of the most skeptical individuals
suggest that it is a joke of a photographer or web designer,
so-called Easter egg for attentive visitors
site. According to other doubters, this is an ordinary optical
illusion. However, note that the intended
metal ufo looks clear enough to his
could be confused with the cloud or the glare of the sun in the lens

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