On video: Bigfoot runs through the woods

Foreign cryptozoologists received another entry with
image of Bigfoot, made a few years ago and transmitted to them
just now. The following frames were taken on February 15, 2013
years on the American territory of Bel Valley in the state

The author of the video wrote the following to the researchers:

On that day, I decided to leave the house and walk along
railway passing near the forest. At some point, I
got tired of walking and walked along the path to the forest to find
stump or fallen tree and sit on it. Over time
after I found such a tree and crouched on it, I unexpectedly
noticed a tall black figure standing about 30 meters
from me. I got my smartphone, which I wanted to shoot the train,
and began recording this creature on camera. I think it noticed
me, because it suddenly darted off and ran
to the left. Then it stopped behind a group of trees and ran into
the opposite side. The speed of his movement was incredible.
high, given the snow, twigs and rocks on the ground. I soon lost
its out of sight. I honestly do not know what it was. I will not begin with
the confidence to say it was bigfoot but I can say for sure
that it was not a man. I was very afraid that he would run into my
side, but this, fortunately, did not happen.

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