On video: mysterious essence interferes with babysleep

In the section of the popular site “Reddit”, dedicated to ghosts and
other supernatural phenomena, appeared very mysterious
videotape published by the father of a one year old child. Some
days ago a man noticed an incomprehensible essence in his daughter’s crib,
which prevented the baby to fall. Turning on the video below,
you can see this mystical phenomenon with your own eyes.

According to our hero, he woke up around 3 am from
strange unpleasant foreboding, as if in his house was happening
something bad. Maybe the robbers got into the house, even flashed
a thought in your head? But looking at the monitor baby monitors, the man was taken aback.
In the crib, which the camera is aimed at at night, was moving
a pale g-shaped object that clearly did not give the baby calmly
relax. The girl visibly twisted and even tried to drive away
supposed devilry leg, as if seen or, at least
least felt her.

The father of the family notes that he and his wife had another daughter.
Six years ago, she died in a car accident at the age of 18.
the fault of the driver, who at that moment, while driving,
corresponded by phone. Therefore, the man even wondered
question: what if it was his eldest daughter who decided to visit her
sister, arriving at her bed from the other world?

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