One of the mythical people in black got onsurveillance camera

Mythical men in black business suits and sunscreen
glasses – who are they? Top secret government agents?
Employees of powerful private services? Biorobot or even
aliens disguised as humans?

When a mysterious phenomenon occurs in the world like the fall of a UFO or
opening a portal to another dimension (of course, assuming
eyewitnesses), onlookers often report lightning appearance
mysterious people in black taking with them all the evidence
the incident and calling witnesses to keep quiet about what they saw.

On the popular YouTube channel “ApexTV”, publishing various
potentially sensational videos, another intriguing
roller. Enthusiasts say that this material they sent
a security guard in one of the law firms of the city of Anchorage that
located in Alaska. According to the man, the surveillance camera
recently captured a very strange visitor in the main hall
office. According to the guard’s suggestion, it was one of
legendary men in black, and his visit to the company was far from
the most friendly.

The following footage shows a secretary named
Nicole, quietly working in the reception. It happened on June 14th,
14:33. The guard reports that he could not get an immediate
access to video files in the security system, so he had to
shoot your work monitor on the phone’s camera, hence, they say, and
quality “not so hot.”

Dramatization or real shots with a man in black?

At first, her colleague, Ethan, who picks up
some documents. Some time after he leaves
the office, a tall bald man in a black tuxedo comes into the waiting room with
tie and starts talking to the receptionist. Alas, the camera is in
the hall does not record sound, so the topic of this conversation remains
a complete mystery: both for the guard and for us.

At a certain point, Nicole points the guest out at all
appearances urging him to leave the building. Then she is unexpected
snatches a pistol from the table (recall that in the US they can own
almost any adult citizen) and sends to a stranger.
That one movement of the hand makes a woman put weapons in
side and then the secretary tensely gets out of her purse
Something that looks like a portable video camera.

Nicole goes around the table, approaches the man and leaves with
him, leaving the pistol and all his belongings in the office, including
mobile phone and documents. Colleagues women discovered it all
only the next day and immediately went to the police.

If you believe the guard, since Nicole has not appeared at work,
and law enforcement agencies took up her search. Our hero, they say, not
wishes to interfere in any way with the investigation, fearing for
own security, however, it is his duty to talk about
what happened to the users of the World Wide Web. He also suspects
that the police are in collusion with people in black and not in a hurry
investigate the disappearance of an American. The guard from sin away
quit and lives now as on pins and needles, fearing that the mysterious
a man in a business suit will knock on his door.

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