Opening the alien is a reality orfiction

вскрытие инопланетян военными

In the summer of 1847 in the famous place Roswell suffered a disaster
unknown flying object. Shooting the crash site was
shipped Washington military cameraman. According to reliable data
it is known that he managed to shoot 14 canisters of film. To public
at the moment only fragments have reached. Documentary
�“Alien Autopsy” is only one episode that has survived until
of our days. The fate of the rest remains under the bar of obscurity. On
the film clearly shows two people in special white cloaks
conducting humanoid research.

The alien body was delivered from the scene of a UFO crash. On
the film shows a creature about 150 cm tall, has a big belly and
eyes. The alien head was disproportionate to the body and it seemed
too huge. Onмека на уши и нос на инопланетном лице не было.
On руке и ногах у существа виднелись шесть пальцев. The film caused
violent public reaction. First autopsy film
The alien was presented to the audience in May 1995. Before
so far scientists have a question, was the film real?

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