Optical illusion allows you to identify yourpsychological age

Psychologists from Flinders University in South Australia have done
curious discovery.

According to researchers, the famous optical illusion under
titled “My wife and mother-in-law”, first published in German
postcard of 1888, allows you to identify the internal age of a person
for the first time looking at this dual image.

�”My wife and mother-in-law” is a black and white drawing, on
which, if desired, you can consider the images of a young girl and
ugly old women. In all likelihood, the unknown author of the illusion
depicted in the form of a young lady his wife, and in the form of an old woman – her

Australian experts have determined that if when looking at
the image you first see the girl, then your
psychological age ниже биологического. And if your brain immediately
recognizes an old woman, then in the shower you are older than the passport (or
least fit the years lived).

In the course of this study, there were also participants who
the raids were able to see in the picture both the girl and the old woman.
Psychologists have concluded that such individuals have a “floating”
internal age which may vary with
various external and internal factors.

And whom do you see on this optical illusion?

If you can not see one of the images, we will give
clue: the eye and mouth of the old woman are the ear and necklace of the girl

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